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6 Inmates killed in Reynosa Prison Riot

Several people are killed at a prison along a Mexican border city. We’re told it stems from tensions between inmates escalating into an eruption of violence. According to The Monitor, six men were killed with makeshift shanks at the hands of fellow inmates yesterday evening at the Reynosa state prison. Three suspects, also inmates, have been detained. The violent brawl was reportedly due to ongoing hostilities between inmates boiling...

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Reynosa Kidnappings Center On Drug Cartels

Dozens of kidnapping victims have been released from Reynosa, Tamaulipas and one American citizen among those captured. Federal officials say 61 kidnap victims were released yesterday– among them 53 central Americans, seven Mexican, and one U.S. Citizen, three of the victims were children. Four suspects kidnappers are also in custody. Mexican authorities say drug cartels are usually behind the abductions, frequently using migrants seeking to come to the U.S. as ransom but they add, kidnapping Americans is relatively...

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