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Reynosa Students Killed During Cartel Pursuit

It was a tragic day just miles south of the border. Young children became the casualties of believed cartel violence. Tamaulipas officials say five students were killed during a military convoy pursuit Wednesday at around 12 p.m. on the outskirts of southern Reynosa. The suspected cartel members fled the scene near Rodolfo Trevino Castillo Middle School, running over the children who were just 12 and 13 years old. The suspects are still at...

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Edinburg Rollover Is Larger Human Smuggling Issue

That’s right a rollover and numerous other car accidents have resulted in serious injuries and in one case, a fatality involving human smuggling. Within the last couple of months the number of accidents related to human trafficking has increased dramatically in South of Texas. In the month of November alone, five immigrants originating from Mexico lost their lives in a police pursuit in Falfurrias. A similar incident occurred yesterday in Edinburg near the intersection of Mon Mack and Monte Cristo streets where fortunately no lives were lost, but several people were injured. The white van was said to be...

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Mexico On Country-Wide Alert Following Stolen Radioactive Shipment

A country-wide alert has now been eased after a stolen shipment of extremely dangerous radioactive material has been recovered. The stolen shipment was found this afternoon. Just hours after two armed men tied up the driver, taking that truck with radioactive material just outside Mexico City. The international atomic energy agency says the truck was carrying cobalt-60. Used to treat cancer, but can potentially be used to make a dirty bomb. There are questions over whether the thieves knew what they were stealing.  Luckily, officials say nobody was in...

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