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DPS Raises Texas’ ‘Terrorism Threat’

RGV (KFXV) – The Texas terrorism threat is now set to elevated – this according to the latest assessment from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The annual report not only states potential danger from acts of terrorism but also those stemming from drug trafficking and organized crime along the border. The Department of Public Safety raised the threat level in Texas to elevated – the agency released its annual Texas Public Safety threat overview – it indicates that threats from potential danger from international terror organizations like ISIS and drug cartels led officials to determine the level. Some...

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Police Chase Crosses Three Counties

RGV (KFXV) — Multiple police departments chasing down a car with two suspects inside – through the three major counties in the Rio Grande Valley. Tonight the two suspects are still on the loose after ditching their car. The manhunt is on to find those two suspects who maybe from mexico. Investigators tell me the duo left their car on Brushline Road in Edinburg after police chased them for miles, getting lost in the bushes. These are images of the heavy police presence that lasted 3 hours, provoked by the chase — as Willacy, Cameron and Hidalgo County Sheriff’s...

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Border Patrol Seizes Over $100,000 in Drugs

Brownsville (KFXV) — Border Patrol Agents intercept over $100,000 worth of marijuana and methamphetamines. A 42-year-old male mexican citizen, who lives in Brownsville, Texas tried to cross the drugs over in a red 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up. 61 packages were hidden within the vehicle almost 5 pounds of alleged methamphetamine and 70 pounds of alleged marijuana in 59 packages. Officers seized the narcotics along with the vehicle, arrested the driver, and turned him over to the custody of Homeland...

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Mexican Cartel, Vigilante Violence Continues

Despite a heavy presence of federal police and troops – cartel violence remains a problem in the Michoacán state. In response – a vigilante group – known as Hipolito Mora – has taken up arms against the Knights Templar Drug Cartel. Spokesman for Mexico’s department of public safety– Monte Alejandro Rubi– says the situation has improved since federal troops arrived last week, but vigilante groups have ignored a government order to stand down and disarm… Instead, they’re operating openly, manning roadblocks and patrolling streets and cities. The Templars have had a stronghold on the agricultural Michoacán region for some...

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