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Enhanced Sentenced Issued to Trafficker for Raping Woman

MCALLEN (KFXV) — Today in McAllen, a U.S. District Judge imposed an enhanced sentence to a human smuggler for raping an undocumented woman. According to reports, 53-year-old Mexican National Julio Puente-Oliva received a 70 month sentence after he pleaded guilty in january to raping an undocumented woman who managed to escape her captors in October of last year. During the trial, the victim testified that Oliva would threaten them with a machete and said he would “use it if he had to.” After the woman escaped, Oliva kept her in at an Edinburg home, she and a 16-year-old undocumented...

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Border Patrol Arrests Two Sex Offenders

RGV( KFXV) — In Brooks and Hidalgo County, two convicted sex offenders were apprehended within an hour of each other by Border Patrol agents. On Wednesday, agents apprehended a Mexican National near Falfurrias. A record check revealed the subject was and charged in 2007 for aggravated criminal sexual assault. Less than an hour later, Hidalgo County agents arrested a Guatemalan National near Sullivan City. The subject was with aggravated sexual battery in 2012. Both subjects were referred for...

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Border Patrol Rescues Man Trying to Swim Across Rio Grande

Rio Grande City (KFXV) — U.S. Border Patrol agents rescued a man attempting to enter the U.S. Illegally. Thursday officers noticed a Mexican National, swimming with a large group, struggling to stay afloat while attempting to cross the river. The man lost consciousness in the water and Border Patrol agents pulled him up from the river and began CPR on the unresponsive man. Starr County emergency medical services arrived and continued resuscitation efforts. Law enforcement transported the man to Starr County Memorial Hospital where he remains on life...

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Sexual Predator, Adrian Rincon-Ruiz, Arrested in Mission, Texas

Mission – A 31 year old Mexican national and convicted sexual predator is behind bars tonight after illegally re-entering the U.S. Identified as Adrian Rincon-Ruiz, the Harlingen Fugitive Operations Unit captured him in Mission, Tx. Court documents indicate Rincon-Ruiz was removed from the U.S. back in April of 2012, just three days after his conviction for sexual assault of a child. Rincon-Ruiz said he illegally re-entered the United States on or about February 1st of this year. He’s charged with “illegal re-entry” and remains in federal...

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Authorities say Body of Woman likely Hit by Boat Propeller

The body of a Mexican national was found washed ashore in the port of Brownsville earlier this morning. Found with a severed foot and lacerations to her torso, Cameron County Sheriff’s Investigators believe the woman, identified as Guadalupe Cervantes from Matamoros was struck by a boat propeller, attempting to swim into the United States. Authorities are working the case as a homicide until an autopsy determines the exact cause of...

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