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Gonzalez Sentenced to 6 months In Jail, 10 Years Probation

Edinburg (KFXV) — We have been following the case of Nohemi Gonzalez who was on trial last week for injecting dozens of patients with fake botox. Today the 48-year-old was convicted of practicing medicine without a license. Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez will be spending six months in county jail, 10 years on probation and pay $20,000 dollars for two of the three counts against her. The court also asked the defendant to pay the victim in this case $5,000 dollars for every year she’s on probation. Several women who claim to be victims of the defendant were at this hearing.They...

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Cholesterol drug shows promise to help reverse heart disease

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — For the first time, a new drug given along with a cholesterol-lowering statin medicine has proved able to shrink plaque that is clogging arteries, potentially giving a way to undo some of the damage of heart disease. The difference was very small but doctors hope it will grow with longer treatment, and any reversal or stabilization of disease would be a win for patients and a long-sought goal. The drug, Amgen Inc.’s Repatha, also drove LDL, or bad cholesterol, down to levels rarely if ever seen in people before. Heart patients are told to aim...

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Sentencing Begins in Illegal Botox Case

Edinburg (KFXV) — Today the sentencing hearing started after Gonzalez is found guilty on practicing medicine without a license and assault this past Wednesday. The defense, the state, victim and of course Nohemi Mimi Gonzalez met once more inside the 370th district court. This time to decide how much time Mimi will spend behind bars. Arguments start once more. Gonzales looking at two to 10 years behind bars, the defense fighting for a lesser sentence, while state’s prosecutors are pushing for a long jail sentence. After more than a week and a half of trial the state proved in...

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Vitamin D deficiency is widely overestimated, doctors warn

Doctors are warning about vitamin D again, and it’s not the "we need more" news you might expect. Instead, they say there’s too much needless testing and too many people taking too many pills for a problem that few people truly have. The nutrient is crucial for strong bones and may play a role in other health conditions, though that is far less certain. Misunderstandings about the recommended amount of vitamin D have led to misinterpretation of blood tests and many people thinking they need more than they really do, some experts who helped set the levels write in...

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Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez Found Guilty On All CHarges

EDINBURG (KFXV) — After three years of arguments in courtrooms, Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez is found guilty of all charges including the damage caused to one of her patient’s body. The victim, Corina Rios, injected with silicone said she went through more than 8 surgical procedures to reconstruct her body. The jury heard several closing arguments today with prosecutors arguing– money is what led Mimi Gonzalez to break the law causing severe damage to Corina Rios. The defense argued – the victim’s vanity caused her those injuries. Lips, nose and glutes are parts of Corina Rios body she says is...

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