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Family Holds Onto Hope in Finding Nahomi Rodriguez

Harlingen (KFXV) — With only days away from hitting the six month mark of Nahomi Rodriguez’s disappearance. A Fox reporter was allowed into the family’s home. She joins us with the story. Nahomi Rodriguez went missing the morning of July 17th. Last seen leaving her place of work- a McDonald’s in Harlingen. Nahomi has missed her own birthday and now the holidays with the family. Enedina Sanchez spoke to fox news about the family’s situation since Nahomi has been gone. A candle is lit, an open bible and pictures of the now 20 year old, stand in her living...

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Parents Unhappy over Happy Meal Toy, Claim Toy Recites Expletive Phrase

The latest McDonald’s happy meal toy is leaving some customers unhappy. The world’s largest hamburger chain receiving a variety of complaints, after customers say the toy from the movie, ‘Minions’ sounds like it’s spewing an explicit phrase. The company says that the sounds from the small yellow toy are nonsense words, and that only a small number of customers have been in touch with the company over the...

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Calories on menus delayed until 2016 says FDA

WASHINGTON (AP) — Diners will have to wait until the end of 2016 to find calorie labels on all chain restaurant menus. The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that restaurants and other establishments will now have until December 1, 2016, to comply with federal menu labeling rules – one year beyond the original deadline. FDA said it is extending the deadline after restaurants and other retailers said they needed more time to put the rules in place. The agency said those businesses are in the process of training workers, installing menus and menu boards and developing software and...

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Supplement Store Raising the Standards

Ever wondered what’s really in the supplements you take? One supplement store is raising its standards. After looking at federal health surveys, the national institutes of health found those that ate an apple each day were less likely to use prescription medications when compared to those that did not eat apples. In other health news, dietary supplement store GNC is raising the bar for its herbal supplement standards. This announcement comes after recent accusations that many supplements contain harmful or unlisted ingredients. GNC’s 6600 locations will expand its supplement testing over the next year and a half and submit...

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