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Restrictions to ‘Open Carry Law’

Licensed gun owners may now be able to openly carry holstered weapons, but the law has restrictions. Marlen Sosa takes a closer look at some of the areas–you may not openly carry a handgun. Openly carrying a handgun has become controversial topic among residents, with some believing it enhances security while others say it will place the community in danger. Today January 1, encountering people carrying a weapon in public has become the new norm, as long as they hold a license to do so. “As it is law enforcement has a hard time with people that do carry...

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Weslaco PD Implements Expired Prescription Drug Drop Box Program

The Weslaco Police Department is partnering up with a local organization, aiming to get expired prescription drugs off the streets. Officials hope the anti-drug initiative will curb substance abuse in young adults. Marlen Sosa has more. It’s a drop box, in which the community can bring in their expired or unused medication to dispose of in a safe manner. The Uniting Neighbors in Drug Abuse Defense Coalition, in partnership with the Weslaco Police Department, have installed a prescription drop box inside its premises. This will provide residents from the Weslaco and surrounding areas with a place where they can...

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Fox 2 Special Series: “My Crazy Obsession” Part Three

In the third part of our fox 2 special series, “my crazy obsession”, we introduce you to a collector who owns more than 15 thousand items from his favorite rock band. The fan admits he is part of the “Kiss army”. Marlen Sosa shows us the man who “Rock and rolls all night”. You know you are a fan a of a music band when you assist to their concerts or buy their music, but for some that isn’t enough. Pictures, key chains, lighters and also articles out of this world. Marcelo Rodriguez was only 6-years-old when his father,...

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