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McAllen Residents Settle Lawsuit involving Former HC Sheriff Lupe Trevino and Panama Unit

Two McAllen residents settle a lawsuit involving the now-defunct panama unit for the alleged unlawful search of their home and their arrest. David Carrizales and Rogelia Stabolito came to an agreement with defendants that included former Hidalgo County Sheriff, Lupe Trevino, former Mission Police Chief Martin Garza, the city of Mission and the members of the anti-drug trafficking task force known as the Panama Unit. The lawsuit claimed that members of the now defunct unit stormed their home in June of 2012 in search of drugs that were not found, arresting Carrizales, who spent two days in jail, violating...

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Former Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Sentence Appeal Struck Down

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff, Lupe Trevino’s sentence appeal has been struck down by the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans. The decision comes nine months after a McAllen judge sentenced Trevino to 5 years in a Florida federal prison for conspiracy to launder drug trafficking proceeds. The former sheriff argued against a 14-month enhancement Judge Michaela Alvarez imposed on him for abuse of public trust, however the court of appeals ended up siding with the judge’s ruling. Trevino will complete his sentence by January of...

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Pat Medina Reports To Federal Prison To Begin Her 11-Month Sentence

The former Hidalgo County sheriff’s office chief of staff Pat Medina has reported to federal prison to begin her sentence. Medina was sentenced in July to 11 months in federal prison after she admitted to knowing about and not reporting that former sheriff Lupe Treviño was using his re-election campaign to launder money from drug cartels. Medina was also the treasurer for Treviños campaign in 2012. Medina asked U.S. district court judge Ricardo Hinojosa to postpone her prison assignment to take care of family issues, however the request was denied. The former administrator reported for her sentence in Houston...

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Hidalgo County Interim Sheriff Reacts To Lupe Treviño’s Guilty Plea

In a letter sent to our newsroom, Hidalgo County interim sheriff Eddie Guerra reacted to the arrest of Lupe Trevino. He said this in a statement; “I will not make excuses for the former sheriff, I cannot” those were Guerra’s exact words as the interim Hidalgo county sheriff released an official statement this afternoon after learning about Trevino’s guilty plea. “It is regrettable that former sheriff Trevino’s legacy will be tainted forever. It is disheartening to know that a man’s entire law enforcement career; everything positive that he accomplished is wiped away with a plea of guilty.” “The trust our community has in the sheriff’s office has been shaken to its very core. Story after story of misdealing and criminal acts has the community weary in thief belief of what we stand for.” Guerra says it’s a long road to regain the public’s trust and to restore faith in the sheriff’s office and...

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