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Border Residents Receive Federal Notice of Land Purchase

U.S./ MEXICO BORDER (KFXV) — Residents along the border are starting to receive notices from the federal government about purchasing their land to build the proposed border wall. One family near Los Ebanos told Fox News that they received a letter from the department of Homeland Security a week before the president took office about the purchase of their land at $2,900 dollars an acre. The Salinas family said that if they refused to sell their 16 acres near the Rio Grande River, their land could be confiscated. Other families in the area received similar...

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Man Charged with Evading Arrest

Alton (KFXV) — A man is charged for evading arrest both with a motor vehicle and on foot as he took off from the scene of the crash before he was caught by the officer. The driver of a pickup was stopped for a traffic violation at Mile 4 close to Los Ebanos Road but took off after as he was signaled to stop by Alton PD. His speed reached 100 miles per hour before he approached the intersection of Mile 3 and Los Ebanos where he drove into a small ditch causing his truck to rollover. No injuries...

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Dead Body Found Floating in Rio Grande River

Investigations are underway after the body of a man is found floating in the Rio Grande River, just outside of Los Ebanos. Border Patrol Agents, along with La Joya Fire Department officials recovered the body around 1 PM today. According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department, the body showed no signs of foul play. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of...

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Brownsville Man Murders Parents with Axe Handle

52-year-old Joel Collazo is charged with murder after allegedly killing his parents with the handle of an axe. On Friday, officers found 85-year-old Jesus Collazo and his 83-year-old wife, Juanita, dead inside a home on Los Ebanos drive. A preliminary investigation reveals the bodies were doused with a flammable chemical, indicating Collazo planned to burn them. Collazo faced a judge this weekend; his bond is set at two million...

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