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EXCLUSIVE: Trial Postponed for the Eighth Time for Woman Accused of Injecting Fake Botox into Paying Clients

The trial for the woman accused of injecting fake Botox into her clients has been postponed for the eighth time. The reason for today’s decision came after the main prosecutor was absent from the hearing, as she remains in hospital… This is a FOX 2 exclusive: “It wasn’t like we were delaying this for the sake of delaying it.” What was scheduled to be the start of trial for Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez today, ended up being just another hearing, where the main prosecutor was a no-show leaving no option but to have Judge Noe Gonzalez grant an extension. The...

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Trial Date Set for Woman Accused of Injecting Liquid Silicone into Paying Clients

A trial date has been set for the woman accused of injecting paying clients–with fake Botox. Forty-five year-old Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez will face a jury on August 3 for injecting at least one of those clients with liquid silicone. Gonzalez originally plead guilty in November, however upon changing attorneys, she withdrew her plea stating she had previously felt forced to make a deal with prosecutors. She faces up to 20 years in...

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Pharr Woman Accused of Injecting Liquid Silicone into Paying Clients’ Buttocks Faces Judge

A woman from Pharr accused of injecting liquid silicone into paying clients, while operating an illegal clinic from her residence was presented before a federal judge today. Thirty-eight year old Maribel Quintero is accused of operating an illegal clandestine clinic in her residence, located in the city of Pharr where she allegedly injected silicone and prohibited substances into paying customers’ buttocks, telling them, that it was Botox. Quintero stands trial on six charges including the illegal import of two bottles of a prohibited substance with fake labels from México to the united states by the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge, being in possession of a firearm and administration of illegal substances. If found guilty Quintero could serve approximately 15 years in prison. Her arrest marks the fourth arrest in the past two years for the same type of crime. Experts say this is something very serious as in many cases victims lose their lives. Quintero remains in custody of the U.S. Marshals. Her next hearing is set for February...

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Woman Indicted for Injecting Liquid Silicone into Paying Clients

Yet another woman has been indicted for allegedly injecting her clients with fake Botox at her McAllen residence. Maribel Quintero is facing six counts concerning the use of liquid silicone to be injected in customer’s buttocks. According to court documents, Quintero imported oils from México she would use on her own body for bodybuilding. The products and procedures were not FDA approved and were allegedly used in her home, which was monitored by FBI and McAllen police. Quintero is also facing unlawful transport of a firearm charges. She is scheduled to go before a federal judge tomorrow...

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