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4 Ways Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter Than Ever

It used to be that we adults just had to worry about keeping up with our children in the smarts department. (Remember the first time you had to ask your offspring to show you how to use email or Facebook?) Now, as the technological revolution progresses ever farther and ever faster, we are faced with a new challenge … these days, not only our kids but even our houses are getting smarter than we are. You’ve heard of a smart house system? (If you haven’t, just ask your kids what it is.) Well, today’s home is no longer merely...

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Kershaw, Dodgers win NL West title over Giants

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hyun-Jin Ryu unleashed a full bottle of bubbly over the head of A.J. Ellis. “It never gets old,” the catcher said. “I love how cold it is.” The post-game party was in full swing shortly after the Los Angeles Dodgers won the NL West title with a 9-1 victory over the second-place San Francisco Giants on Wednesday night. Clayton Kershaw wore a huge grin and a soaked championship T-shirt as he made his way around the saturated clubhouse, singled out for repeated soakings by his jubilant teammates. The probable NL Cy Young Award winner and...

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