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‘Lady Botox’ Gets New Court Date

EDINBURG (KFXV) — A new court date was set for Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez. She’s facing two counts for practicing medicine without a license and one count for aggravated assault nearly three years after her initial arrest in October 2013. Gonzalez is accused of injecting women with fake botox . Well keep you updated on this...

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‘Lady Botox’ Back in Court

Edinburg (KFXV) — Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez better known as “Lady Botox” here in the Rio Grande Valley — went before a judge today to start the jury selection process. A total of 12 people were selected for a jury that in the next couple of days will decide Gonzalez’s fate. One by one candidates entered this courtroom with one main purpose. Today the defense, prosecutors and Noe Gonzalez, the judge in charge of this case, chose the people that will represent the jury in Nohmei “Mimi” Gonzalez’s trial.The 48 year old woman faces 2 charges of practicing medicine without...

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EXCLUSIVE: Trial Postponed for the Eighth Time for Woman Accused of Injecting Fake Botox into Paying Clients

The trial for the woman accused of injecting fake Botox into her clients has been postponed for the eighth time. The reason for today’s decision came after the main prosecutor was absent from the hearing, as she remains in hospital… This is a FOX 2 exclusive: “It wasn’t like we were delaying this for the sake of delaying it.” What was scheduled to be the start of trial for Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez today, ended up being just another hearing, where the main prosecutor was a no-show leaving no option but to have Judge Noe Gonzalez grant an extension. The...

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Trial Postponed for Woman Accused of Injecting Liquid Silicone into Paying Client

The fate of the woman accused of injecting liquid silicone into at least one of her clients is yet to be decided. Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez’s trial has been postponed once again at her lawyer’s request. Defense attorney Oscar Flores in the 370th court this morning with his client Nohemi Mimi Gonzalez, in what it was expected to be a pre-trial hearing. Flores asked Judge Noe Gonzalez to postpone trial due to scheduling complications as he had other cases pending in different courts. Flores stated that the state also needed more time to review evidence. Mimi faces charges of practicing...

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