PETA Reaching out to La Villa ISD after FFA Animals Beaten and Tortured

The organization, PETA, is reaching out to LA VILLA Independent School District after dozens of FFA animals were beaten and tortured last weekend. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or ‘PETA’ have called on LA VILLA schools to begin teaching students about the dangers of abusing animals. ‘Teachkind,’ PETA’s humane education division warns that committing acts of violence against animals can lead to continued anti-social behavior and eventually aggression toward...

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Donna Fiery Crash Victim Identified

Police have identified the victim in a fiery crash yesterday in Donna. According to police, the victim is 49-year-old Balde Solis-Gonzales of La Villa. Solis died after his pickup truck went up in flames on the eastbound lanes on interstate two, near the Salinas Blvd. exit. An investigation is still underway to determine what caused the deadly accident, which also involved a Valley Metro...

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La Villa Students Barred From School In Water Dispute Between District, City

Some La Villa parents are bothered after the school district and city failed to come to an agreement this weekend. Jay Jay and Christopher are two of the 600 students from La Villa, that did not go to school this morning. Now they’ll have to wait days before the city and school district come to an agreement over the water dispute. After meeting three times and not coming to an agreement, some La Villa residents are upset. The dispute over surcharges started about a year ago but it wasn’t until this month that the city of la villa cut...

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La Villa Continues Heated Debate Over $54K Water Bill

The heated debate over a bill that shut off water for a valley school district continued tonight with not much progress. A 54-thousand dollar water bill was the center of an open city hall meeting this evening in La Villa. The city shut off the school district’s service of allegedly failing to make the overdue amount. However, La Villa-ISD says the amount is outrageous and they refuse to pay up . Tonight’s open hall ended in a statement. Officials say the debate will continue at a board meeting scheduled for this weekend. As for campuses they will remain closed...

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City Cuts Off Water To La Villa ISD

It’s been an ongoing battle of who will pay the water bill between the city of La Villa and the La Villa ISD. La Villa independent school district superintendent Narcisco Garcia says the dispute of water rates between the city and the districts. Has been one big mess. “The city was and still is going through financial difficulties, basically they needed money to refurbish the water plant..it was too much. They are asking us to pay 57,000 dollars which they say we have defaulted on, in reality we haven’t missed a payment,” explains Narcisco Garcia / superintendent La Villa...

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