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Doctor Recovers From Ebola, Leaves NYC Hospital

NEW YORK (AP) — Hugging the health workers who cared for him, a doctor who recovered from Ebola said Tuesday he was a living example of effective treatment and urged support for those combating the virus at its West African epicenter. “Today, I am healthy,” a smiling Dr. Craig Spencer said as he was released after nearly three weeks in Bellevue Hospital, where he had been the last Ebola patient under treatment nationwide, at least for now. “Please join me in turning our attention back to West Africa,” where the virus has killed thousands of people this year, he...

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Specialized SWAT Unit Preparations

Authorities are conducting tactical training with specialized equipment for officers of different police departments in the valley. Officials from various police departments in the region are being trained for a specialized swat team.. According to experts, this is to be more prepared and to improve safety in South Texas. Gonzalez, who directs the training, says these tests are of high importance, not only for professional growth of authorities, but for the safety of the families who live in the valley. Geovani Hernandez was present during training today and also mentions this is a historical event for la joy police department because this is the first time he has more than one officer participate in the training. This five day training is expected to benefit various police departments in the region in the fight against...

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Learn why Pumpkins are Turning Teal this Halloween

Halloween is only weeks away, but kids with food allergies don’t get to enjoy much of the joy of going door to door for candy. That’s why the food and allergy research and education organization wants to raise awareness for children with food allergies. Their teal pumpkin project encourages people to put a teal painted pumpkin outside their door if they are offering non-food treats for kids with allergies. Food allergies are more common than you may think. One in every thirteen children in the u.s. is allergic to nuts, dairy or soy products. The group suggests items like stickers, crayons, glow bracelets and small toys as alternative treat options. And if you plan on offering food and non-food items, the organization suggests you keep these items in separate bowls to prevent cross contamination. For more information on how the teal pumpkin project works, visit...

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Wilson runs, throws Seahawks past Redskins, 27-17

LANDOVER, Md. (AP) — All Robert Griffin III did was throw some passes to another injured player on the sideline before the game started. All Russell Wilson did was run, throw, scramble — and simply amaze. Wilson has left his fellow 2012 draft-mate in the dust, just as the Seattle Seahawks have risen to a level far above the current state of affairs with the Washington Redskins. Even on a Monday night when the reigning Super Bowl champs were stopping themselves early and often with ill-timed penalties, they were still easily the better team in a 27-17 victory. “It...

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