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Two Men Charged After Aggravated Robbery At A Barbershop In Edinburg

Two men are behind bars and police say one of the suspects went into a local barbershop armed with a shotgun and demanded cash while the other waited outside in the getaway car. Just minutes after the two men fled the scene, they were caught by Hidalgo County Sheriff’s officials. 24 year old, Jaime Ismael Rico, who was in the getaway car and 23 year old, Miguel Angel Escudero Rico who held up the place, went before a judge today facing aggravated robbery charges. Investigators say the robbery happened at a barbershop located on the 24000 block of Toucan...

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Officers on High Alert after Threat

Police are on high alert after receiving a threatening phone call early Friday morning. Police are saying they are using every tool possible to identify the person behind the call who they say may be coming from the other side of the border. Authorities describe the person who made the call as an adult male who was speaking in Spanish. During the call, he said he wished to do harm against police officers and seemed very upset. J.P. Rodriguez, spokesperson for the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office says they are unaware of the reason behind the threatening calls but they are taking it very seriously and have police on high alert. He says the call appears to come from México since a Progresso tower picked it up. Across the border gun fights and other forms of violence have been ongoing between members of criminal organizations and police/ however as of now there is no evidence this could be related to the threats made. Police have not disclosed if the man claimed to be part of any specific criminal organization, they have however notified federal and state authorities of the incident. Fox 2 News is working on obtaining a copy of the audio recordings of the 911 calls made that night of course we will keep you...

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Dispute Leads to Fatal Shooting, Prime Suspect Faces Judge

A dispute in the city of Penitas this weekend leads to a fatal shooting, and the prime suspect involved faced a judge earlier today. Thirty-eight year old Rodolfo Saenz is accused of shooting 34 year old Raul Garza to death Saturday, near the 16000 block of date palm drive. According to Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, J.P. Rodriguez, Saenz was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. He was arraigned today at the Hidalgo County Adult Detention Center, his bond was set at $1.75...

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One Individual Injured in Mission Stabbing

Authorities are investigating a stabbing taking place just a few hours ago in the city of Mission. According to Hidalgo County spokesperson, J.P. Rodriguez, the incident took place earlier this evening around 5 PM on the corner of Mile 14 and Conway. We’re told one adult male injured in the stabbing, has been transported to hospital for medical treatment. As of now the case is still under investigation, Fox 2 will keep you updated as soon as we learn...

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Infant Drowning Under Investigation

  Hidalgo county sheriff investigators are yet to determine whether they rule this incident an accident or negligence. “Everything occurred in a short amount of time. It was within minutes,” says J.P. Rodriguez, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s spokesman. An emergency phone call at around 7 Monday evening by a family of a lost boy, prompted authorities to arrive at a tragic scene north of Alton. A one and a half-year-old baby were found with few signs of life. Floating at the end of a canal near Mile 7 and Abram roads. “One of the family members did pulled the chilled...

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