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Man Behind Bars for Impersonating Police Officer

A man is now behind bars for allegedly impersonating a police officer. According to Brownsville police, at 2:40 a-m this morning, an officer came upon two vehicles blocking the road at the intersection of east Elizabeth and east 11th streets. After detaining both drivers, the officer concluded that the driver of one of the vehicles, identified as 21 year old angel Israel Vargas had stopped the other driver, claiming to be a police officer. After failing to show proof of credentials, Vargas was taken into custody and charged with impersonating a public...

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Study: Artificial Sweeteners may promote diabetes

NEW YORK (AP) — Using artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people by hampering the way their bodies handle sugar, suggests a preliminary study done mostly in mice. The authors said they are not recommending any changes in how people use artificial sweeteners based on their study, which included some human experiments. The researchers and outside experts said more study is needed, while industry groups called the research limited and said other evidence shows sweeteners are safe and useful for weight control. The study from researchers in Israel was released Wednesday by the journal Nature....

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3 Face Charges for Harboring Undocumented Immigrants

The three individuals involved in the discovery of the marijuana were in federal court this morning. Miguel Echevarria-Guizar, Miguel Echevarria Zuñiga and Israel Santiago Guzman were charged with harboring undocumented immigrants. It was last week when deputies in Willacy County found an illegal immigrant near the area. Border patrol agents responded and found a stash house nearby, that was when a group of individuals ran out of the home and into an open field; it was in that field that agents discovered three acres of marijuana plants. It is still unclear tonight what role the three men played regarding the illegal drug...

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