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International Kidnapping Charges for Brownsville Man

Brownsville (KFXV) — A Brownsville man is arrested for taking off to Mexico City with his child and charged by authorities with international parental kidnapping. Authorities arrested, 36-year-old, Ismail Khaleel Al Gebory after receiving a criminal complaint in Brownsville alleging Al Gebory had taken the child after a weekend visitation. The mother has sole custody of the child while Al Gebory has regular visitation rights. When Al Gebory picked up the child and did not return her that weekend, the mother contacted authorities telling them Al Gebory had relatives in Iraq ,according to charges. The criminal complaint further alleges...

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Killer Robot used by Dallas Police Sparks Debate

When Dallas police used a bomb-carrying robot to kill a sniper, they also kicked off an ethical debate about technology’s use as a crime-fighting weapon. In what appears to be an unprecedented tactic, police rigged a bomb-disposal robot to kill an armed suspect in the fatal shootings of five officers in Dallas. While there doesn’t appear to be any hard data on the subject, security experts and law enforcement officials said they couldn’t recall another time when U.S. police have deployed a robot with lethal intent. The strategy opens a new chapter in the escalating use of remote and...

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Isis Attacks on U.S. Troops Increasing

The pentagon says U.S. Troops at an Iraqi air base are coming under regular mortar and rocket fire from Isis fighters. They add that no u-s troops have been hurt. The pentagon describes the attacks as completely ineffective. But another defense official says the attacks are raising concern that U.S. Forces in Iraq can be kept safe. The U.S. Forces are in Iraq to advise and assist their Iraqi counterparts on military...

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Major Study Of Bereaved Military Families Underway

With his wife and child close at hand, Army Maj. Chad Wriglesworth battled skin cancer for more than a year before dying at age 37. “It was long and painful and awful,” said Aimee Wriglesworth, who believes the cancer resulted from exposure to toxic fumes in Iraq. Yet the 28-year-old widow from Bristow, Virginia, seized a chance to recount the ordeal and its aftermath to a researcher, hoping that input from her and her 6-year-old daughter might be useful to other grieving military families. “To be able to study what we felt and what we’re going through – maybe...

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EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Deceased Iraq Veteran Speaks out

Although it was hard for this mother to hold her tears back she says remembering him is the only way to keep him alive. It is said, the loss of a son or daughter is a wound that never heals. For those whose loved one returns from deployment, is an overwhelming moment of joy. But for Margarita Espinoza, it was not the case “My son left to Iraq and didn’t come back,” explains Margarita Espinoza, mother of deceased veteran. October 19, 2009 is a day she will never forget. The day her son, Sergeant Bradley Espinoza, lost his life after serving over 8 years in the military, and although the years have gone by, she says, she remembers that day as if it was yesterday. With tears in her eyes she recalls the last day she saw her Bradley alive. Sergeant Bradley left behind 2 children and a wife.. And as for margarita, she says this is not a goodbye, but a ‘see you later.’ Just like Bradley many men and women lose their lives while on duty, therefore we would like to thank each and one of these heroes on this special...

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