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Convicted Murderer Returns to Rio Grande Valley

Convicted murderer Amit Livingston is back in the valley after 7 years of hiding in his home country of India. Livingston was sentenced in 2007 to 23 years in prison for the murder of Hermilia Hernandez, an Edinburg elementary school teacher in September of 2005, but fled the country while on bond. Saenz says extraditing Livingston had been his top priority when taking office in...

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U.S. Looking Past Ebola To Prepare For Next Outbreak

WASHINGTON (AP) — The next Ebola or the next SARS. Maybe even the next HIV. Even before the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is brought under control, public health officials are girding for the next health disaster. “It’s really urgent that we address the weak links and blind spots around the world,” Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told The Associated Press. “Ebola is a powerful reminder that a health threat anywhere can affect us.” Ebola sprang from one of those blind spots, in an area that lacks the health systems needed to...

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Gates Foundation Focuses on Ending Malaria

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Philanthropist Bill Gates says he wants to end malaria in his lifetime and will give more money toward that goal, part of his broader fight against tropical diseases that are getting unusual public attention because of the Ebola epidemic. In an interview with The Associated Press and in a speech Sunday at a global health conference in New Orleans, the Microsoft co-founder said his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would increase its malaria program budget by 30 percent, to more than $200 million per year. That’s on top of the foundation’s other donations to the...

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District Attorney Seeks Extradition for Livingston

The Cameron County district attorney’s office is seeking the extradition of convicted murderer Amit Livingston. Cameron County D.A., Luis Saenz traveled to Washington, D.C. and met with representatives from the U.S. Department of justice regarding Livingston’s extradition. Livingston was convicted of fatally shooting Hermila Garcia-Hernandez on South Padre Island in 2005. He currently remains in prison in India, where he was arrested in May by Indian authorities. Livingston was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 23 years. Saenz says he will continue to work with federal officials to bring Livingston to...

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Silicon Valley struggles with FDA

WASHINGTON (AP) — From Apple’s new smartwatch that tracks heartbeats to contact lenses that measure blood sugar — Silicon Valley is pouring billions into gadgets and apps designed to transform health care. But the tech giants that have famously disrupted so many industries are now facing their own unexpected disruption: regulation. Google co-founder Sergey Brin recently expressed his frustration with the complex web of rules that govern the field. “Health is just so heavily regulated,” Brin told industry executives in July. “It’s just a painful business to be in.” Still, tech entrepreneurs are pumping money into efforts to reshape...

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