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Brownsville Public Works Warn Public of New Scamming Technique

BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — We begin in Cameron County where a new scamming technique, has authorities on alert. We spoke to officials from the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB), who tell us a man tried going into a home this week, as an acting employee of this agency. According to BPUB, the impersonator tried going into a residence suggesting he was there to do some tests. But Ryan Greenfeld, who works for BPUB says ‘water quality testing’ is only done when a customer requests it. In this recent incident, the homeowner did not allow the impostor to go into their...

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Hidalgo County Email System Hacked

According to Hidalgo county officials the attack did not threaten personal information but it was rather the content of an email that caused the alarm. An email sent to county employees containing vulgar language and received late Friday night by Renan Ramirez, the chief information officer, caused the temporary shutdown of county computer systems and web servers over the weekend. Officials believe the impostor, who used the same email domain for county employees, belongs to an international hacking organization. Ramirez doesn’t rule out the chance that the attack was possible during a maintenance window last week. Nevertheless he is...

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Part 1: Breaking The Taboo

The Rio Grande Valley is a melting pot of cultures in Texas. Ancient customs are rooted in its border, from its languages to its beliefs. But there are also traditions that are practiced behind closed doors. Known only to those who practice and follow them for the rest they are considered myths or taboos. In his travel throughout the continent, he carries with him artifacts of a mystical tradition of ancient Mexican tribes. Rosenberg balboa is an interpreter of the Aztec and Mayan calendars as well as of codices of other Pre-Hispanic cultures. One of hundreds of divination tools...

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