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CBP seized over $30,000 worth of cocaine from Illinois Woman

According to authorities upon a secondary inspection found two packages containing almost four and a half pounds of cocaine hidden inside a vehicle driven by a 26 year old Illinois woman as she attempted to cross into the United States. In total the narcotics are estimated at $34,000 The drugs vehicle and driver were handed over to Homeland Security for further...

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How long can people live? New study suggests there’s a limit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Just how long can people live? New research suggests there may be a limit to our life span – one that’s hard to extend without some sort of breakthrough that fixes all age-related problems. The record for the world’s oldest person is 122 years and the odds of shattering that record are slim, according to an analysis published Wednesday in the journal Nature. "It seems extremely difficult if not impossible to break through that ceiling due to the complexity of the aging process," one of the researchers, Jan Vijg, a geneticist at the Albert Einstein...

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Prince’s autopsy, toxicology tests may resolve uncertainties

(AP) Prince’s autopsy, particularly the toxicology report, may clarify whether prescription painkillers played any part in his death. Determining whether the music superstar died of a drug overdose will likely involve not only tests of his blood, urine, liver tissue and fluid from the eyes, it also will require compiling evidence from Prince’s medicine cabinet, his medical history and possibly information from witnesses and those who knew him. Authorities haven’t said when results of the April 22 autopsy will be released, only that it would take weeks. ___ WHAT’S ALREADY KNOWN? Questions about Prince’s health surfaced April 15, when...

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Texas ready to dump high school steroids testing program

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — When Texas officials launched a massive public high school steroids testing program over fears of rampant doping from the football fields to the tennis courts, they promised a model program for the rest of the country to follow. But almost no one did. And after spending $10 million testing more than 63,000 students to catch just a handful of cheaters, Texas lawmakers appear likely to defund the program this summer. If they do, New Jersey and Illinois will have the only statewide high school steroids testing programs left. Even those who pushed for the Texas...

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