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Home Invasion Victims Speak To Fox2

Two Elsa families are lucky to be alive, after several armed suspects attacked them during a home invasion. One of the victim’s spoke to Fox 2 about the scary ordeal. According to Hidalgo County sheriff Guadalupe Trevino, three to four armed suspects target two homes on the near FM-88 and 16 north last night. Luckily shots weren’t fired but the victims were assaulted. “It was terrifying what happened to us. The man stood closer than you are to me right now. With that ugly weapon. I felt like I was dying; my heart was stopping,” explains the victim, who...

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Home Invasion Suspects At Large

MCALLEN – Police are searching for several suspects wanted in a home invasion-turned shooting. It happened along the 3-thousand block of Lucille Lane, Saturday night. Investigators say four armed individuals were attempting to burglarize a home, when the home over opened fire on the suspects. They reportedly fled in a Chevrolet vehicle. Nobody was injured. Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at (956) 687-TIPS (8477.)...

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