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World Health Organization Officials say Zika could cause “Global Health Crisis”

CDC officials reporting 116 people in the United States tested positive for the Zika virus in January and February. The World Health Organization says we could soon be facing a global health crisis.  The WHO estimates that there could be up to 4 million cases of Zika in the Americas in the next year. “The virus is currently circulating in 38 countries and territories”– Margaret Chan General (Director of the World Health Organization WHO) Here in the US, the CDC confirmed 258 Zika Cases in the United States.  So far all cases are travel related, but local officials say it’s...

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Hidalgo Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Investigate Kidnapping

The Hidalgo County sheriff’s office is investigating there first kidnapping of 2014 here are the details Authorities say it was around 7 pm on Tuesday when two men showed up at Juan Pedro Borjas property located in the 8600 block of mile West. Witnesses told us that one of the men was carrying a long rifle and took him in the car after a discussion. The investigation led to a warrant being issued for the arrest of suspect Jose Juan Mendoza who is believed to be armed and dangerous. Authorities learned that the wife of Borjas received a call...

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Hidalgo Co. Fatal Shooting Under Investigation

Authorities say a heated dispute between two men not only escalated into violence, but became fatal. Edcouch authorities responded to block 300 Highland Street where a shooting was reported. They say upon arrival, Alonzo Castillo Perez had several gun shots to his body. The shooting allegedly took place at the residence of suspect– Aaron Guerra– who authorities say was very cooperative and turned himself in. They add apparently, this isn’t the first time both men were in a conflict. “About 6 months ago the two had a conflict that eventually led to this and that motive is what we...

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Fmr. Hidalgo Co. Sheriff’s Cmdr. Jose Padilla Posts Bond

The former Hidalgo County sheriff’s commander accused of being no different that the drug traffickers he was hired to pursue, no longer calls a prison cell his home. Jose Padilla was released from prison this morning after posting a 100-thousand dollar bond. Padilla was arrested Christmas Eve, on charges of conspiring to distribute at least 2-thousand pounds of marijuana, while serving as the number-2 for the Hidalgo county sheriff’s department. Padilla has pled not guilty a court date is still pending for his...

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Hidalgo Co. Rollover Involving 14 People, 8 Hospitalized

It was a horrifying scene in Hidalgo County Thursday evening. A vehicle carrying over a dozen individuals rolled over. FOX 2 cameras were rolling at around 5:30 p.m. along Montecristo Road and Monmack in the Edinburg area. At the scene were 14 victims being treated. According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department, eight were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and released into Border Patrol custody, as well as the remaining six individuals. It’s unclear what caused the rollover. Scenes of this nature are usually tied to human smuggling, but Border Patrol hasn’t officially commented on that...

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