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Body Discovered On Banks of Rio Grande

La Joya (KFXV) — Exclusive images to Fox 2 News, federal and local authorities recover a body near the riverbanks of the Rio Grande in the community of Havana. It happened at around 2 in the afternoon. Agents were on the scene right now the details are scarce on the identity of body. Border Patrol does believe it to a body of an immigrant trying to cross the Mexican border into the United States. We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes...

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Two Undocumented Immigrants Die from heat exhaustion near Havana Texas

Hidalgo County (KFXV) — In only 24 hours, two of four immigrants trying to cross the border are dead. Border Patrol officers were called to the rescue near Havana, Texas. They found a person seriously dehydrated who needed urgent medical care. While they attended the person, agents found a dead body nearby. Hours later, in the city of Mission, another undocumented immigrant was found dead and one more was rushed to hospital in critical condition. Authorities are again advising of the dangers there are with crossing the border illegally especially in these high temperatures and reminding all that coyotes...

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Investigations Underway after Body Found in Rio Grande River

Officials recovered a corpse from the Rio Grande River in western Hidalgo County earlier today. It happened near the community of Havana off Military Road around 5:30 pm. Border patrol, SULLIVAN CITY fire department, Palmview police and Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office assisted to the scene. Authorities are working to identify the person. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn...

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