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U.S. Central Command Twitter and YouTube Accounts Hacked by Isis Sympathizers

In national news, the Twitter account for U.S. Central Command was suspended today after being hacked by Isis sympathizers. Beginning shortly after noon, a series of tweets appeared with what seemed to be warnings from Isis. The tweets also included information revealing contact information for members of the military. And it appears central command’s YouTube page also was hacked, showing videos of what looked like war propaganda by militant fighters. The FBI is assisting with the review of the hack. Officials say it’s too soon to determine who is...

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Hidalgo County Email System Hacked

According to Hidalgo county officials the attack did not threaten personal information but it was rather the content of an email that caused the alarm. An email sent to county employees containing vulgar language and received late Friday night by Renan Ramirez, the chief information officer, caused the temporary shutdown of county computer systems and web servers over the weekend. Officials believe the impostor, who used the same email domain for county employees, belongs to an international hacking organization. Ramirez doesn’t rule out the chance that the attack was possible during a maintenance window last week. Nevertheless he is...

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