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Local Lawsuit Filed Against SB4

RGV (KFXV) — We begin tonight with Senate Bill Four which continues generating arguments within civil rights and pro-immigrant organizations who say this new law violates U.S. Constitution. Tonight we speak with how local organizations are fighting back – in hopes the law won’t go into effect September 1st. Another lawsuit has been filed against Senate Bill Four– just weeks after Governor Abbott signed it into law. These are documents filed today by the El Paso County, Richard Wiles, Sheriff of El Paso County, and the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund against Senate Bill Four, also known as the...

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Gov. Abbott Addresses Controversial SB4 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill

Texas (KFXV) — Governor Greg Abbott send a message to Hispanics more than a week after signing senate bill for into law. He says the Sanctuary Cities ban won’t hurt those who stay out of trouble. Governor Abbott says the community has nothing to fear about SB4 – denying rumors that the measure would subject hispanics to racial profiling. Following the signing of Senate Bill 4 earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbott says the law does not imply people will get pulled over and detained. Abbott shut down concerns that SB4 amounts to ‘show-me-your-papers’ type legislation that will allow...

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Anti-Transgender Bathroom Directive Sparks Protest outside Gov. Abbott’s McAllen Book Signing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott paid a visit to McAllen today, promoting his new book. But as Hannah Mackenzie reports, not every Rio Grande Valley resident welcomed the governor with open arms. Governor Greg Abbott spent the afternoon signing copies of his new book, “Broken but Unbowed”. “It’s a story that explains how anyone can face the most daunting challenges,” says Governor Abbott. “Yet rise above them and overcome them.” Just a few hundred feet away, dozens of protesters voiced their opinion in support of the LGBTQ community. Reporter: “The protesters out there, they are kind of saying the same...

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Abbott To Continue Deploying Troops As Part Of Border Security Plan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces his plan to curb the increase of illegal crossings into the United States. The Governor making it clear, he will take necessary steps, with or without Federal backing. Texas Governor Greg Abbott released his plan of action on what he will do within the next few months in order to stop the increase in illegal border crossings into the United States, through Texas. In an official letter sent out from his office, Governor Abbott outlines his actions. These include extending the deployment of the National Guard troops at strategic locations on the border, increasing...

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Visits McAllen Restaurant, Protesters Rally Outside

For the second time in one week, Governor Greg Abbott makes an appearance in south Texas. FOX 2 News cameras were rolling as Governor Abbott spoke about his vision for Texas’ future. Abbott also touched on the topic of the importance of maintaining close ties with Mexico. “To work on building a relationship that will do as much as anything else to improve the economy right here in the Rio Grande Valley.” Governor Abbott also announced he will host Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, next summer. It wasn’t all welcoming smiles and handshakes as Governor Abbott arrived. One local...

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