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Texas Native is Stranded in the Grand Canyon for 5 days

A Texas native is stranded in the Grand Canyon for 5 days. She was on the road when Google told her to make a turn, but ended up being the wrong one. She called 911 got an answer, and then click, the cell phone service went down. Her gas tank empty and darkness setting in, she parked. She had about 30 to 40 bottles of water, a few pounds of dried fruit and so she waited to be rescued. Day 2 she built-in SOS out of rocks. Day 3 a bigger help sign. Day 4 a car drove right...

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New prescription: Doctor offices that look like Apple stores

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — After a relative suffered a heart attack a few years ago, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Adrian Aoun got an unsettling look at a health-care system that he diagnosed as an inefficient and outdated mess. Now he believes he has a remedy. It’s called Forward, a health-management service that charges a $149 per month – roughly $1,800 a year – to tend to all of its patients’ primary-care needs. And not just with attentive doctoring, either; Forward plans to deploy body scanners, sensors, giant touch-screen monitors, infrared devices and other high-tech gizmos that could make a doctor’s...

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Google names Ford Motor Co. executive John Krafcik to lead self-driving car push

Google is adding a veteran automotive executive to run its program focused on developing self-driving cars. The technology giant says former Hyundai and Ford Motor Co. executive John Krafcik will become CEO of the project in late September. Krafcik most recently served as an executive at TrueCar, which provides market-based pricing information on new and used cars. Google Inc. is competing with traditional car makers to develop self-driving vehicles. The Mountain View, California, company has been testing self-driving cars near its Silicon Valley headquarters, and more recently in Austin, Texas. Its cars have driven more than 1 million miles...

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