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4 Great Ways to Update Your Garage Doors

What’s one of the most noticeable features when you view your home from outside? Why, the garage doors, of course. If they are in need of a facelift, they’ll make your whole house exterior look drab. Here’s a list of four great ways — from small to large — you can update your garage doors. 1. Paint Them Have you got garage doors that are in great shape … but a little dull and faded? No need to replace. Just give them a new lease on life with stain or paint. For your garage door makeover, choose a dry, sunny...

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8 Great Easy Concrete Paver Projects

The definition of concrete pavers is “concrete blocks, designed to be used as outdoor flooring.” If we may, we’d like to change that definition to read “concrete blocks, designed to be used as building blocks by grownups.” So easy to use and available in so many gorgeous colors, concrete pavers allow you to express your inner creativity via that favorite American pastime … decorating your yard. Maintenance is simple, too — just spray them down with the garden hose. And when it comes to repair, pavers can’t be beat — you can just replace one single damaged piece instead...

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Vinyl Fence Repair FAQs

Vinyl fencing is known for its toughness and resilience. You can expect a good quality vinyl fence, properly installed, to last for approximately 15-20 years and require only minimal maintenance under conditions of normal wear and tear. However, this sturdy fencing material is damage-resistant, not totally damage-proof, especially when unpredictable weather or human error is a part of the picture. When a storm brings down a heavy branch, you accidentally ram into the fence with your lawn mower or your car (ouch!), or a careless someone leaves the gate open during a major storm, you are likely to need a...

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Concrete Decks and Patios: Low Prices and Lots More

Thinking of adding a patio or deck to extend your home’s living space? Concrete decks and patios have a well-deserved reputation as being easy on the budget. But their affordability is not their only virtue. Outdoor concrete installations have lots more to offer homeowners than low price alone. Low Maintenance. Exterior concrete requires exceptionally low maintenance. There’s no need to spend hours staining or painting. Usually a quick spray down with your garden hose will be enough to restore its attractive appearance. Durability. Concrete is also strong and long-lasting — it won’t splinter, rot, burn, or become infested with...

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8 Burning Questions about Solar Panels

Q. How can the solar panel manufacturing process be greened? A. The basic function of solar panels — collection of light energy from the sun in the form of photons and conversion of this energy to electric power — is environmentally clean. However before they are used, solar panels must be produced and transported; both of these latter processes require greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels. In addition, during manufacture the semi-conductors are cleaned using hazardous, often caustic, substances such as acetone, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, methyl chloroform, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid. A manufacturing byproduct, silicon dust, can cause respiratory...

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