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Judge Declares Mistrial in Gang Shooting after Witness Posts to Facebook

McAllen (KFXV) – Judge Kino Vasquez declared a mistrial in the case against Jorge Alberto Guajardo. According to the judge, 21-year-old Shaniqua Silva Publications on her Facebook profile about being in court and shared articles with her siblings, Jamel and Desiree Silva, both were also Witnesses in the case. A day before she had testified that Guajardo had admitted to her he took part in the gang related shooting that left one teen dead. Judge Vasquez scolded the woman about the severity of her actions. The defense team added the Shaniqua who is allegedly pregnant, also published about her...

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19 Tri-City Bombers Charged

TEXAS (KFXV) — 19 members of the Tri-City Bomber gang are facing a slew of charges including the illegal use of firearms that investigators say caused the death of one man. Fox cameras were present as FBI agents along with other officers conducted one of several raids here in the valley in connection to this case, in the city of San Juan. 25 suspects were indicted but only 19 are facing charges that range from theft, money laundering and the illegal use of a firearm and they are all from the...

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