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For Michael Phelps, 6 gold medals seem very much in reach

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — When Michael Phelps arrived in Rio as a 31-year-old swimmer who retired once and endured plenty of turmoil away from the pool, everyone wondered just how many gold medals was a realistic goal. How does six sound? In his first appearance of these Summer Games, Phelps showed he is still capable of the kind of jaw-dropping, did-he-really-just-do-that? performances that already made him the most decorated Olympic athlete of them all. Going second in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay, Phelps produced the fastest split of his career and put the Americans out front for good against...

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Tour de France to continue as planned after attack in Nice

LA CAVERNE DU PONT-D’ARC, France (AP) — The Tour de France rode on as planned Friday, with thousands of fans lining the roads and amid reinforced security a day after the deadly attack in Nice. France was reeling again after a large truck mowed through a crowd of revelers gathered for a Bastille Day fireworks display in the Riviera city of Nice, killing at least 84 people on Thursday night. The attack, on France’s national holiday, followed attacks last November in Paris that killed 130. But the carnage did not deter fans from showing up in numbers at the...

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Worldwide Search Continues for Paris Terror Attackers

The hunt is on for 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, one of the suspected terrorists in Friday’s attack in Paris. Salah’s brother, Ibrahim, also involved, blew himself up in one of the attacks that left 129 people dead. Their family members now speaking out, saying they had no idea the two had become radicalized. “My brother, who has participated in this terrorist attack, was probably psychologically ready to commit such an act.” The worldwide search for Salah Abdeslam continues as coalition fighters intensify airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. French President Francois Hollande announcing to the world, France will not...

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Binge drinking by young people is increasing

PARIS (AP) — Alcohol consumption in wealthy, developed countries has declined over the past two decades but dangerous binge drinking has increased among the young, according to a new study released Tuesday. The 34-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says average annual alcohol consumption in its member countries has fallen 2.5 percent over the past 20 years to 9.1 liters (2.4 gallons) of pure alcohol per capita. But that overall trend hides a dangerous increase in hazardous drinking by young people, the OECD says, as measured by both the amount and the rate that alcohol is consumed. The...

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Five Dead Babies Found in French Home

Police in France are investigating after finding the bodies of five babies in a home near Bordeaux. According to authorities, four of the bodies were frozen in freezer bags. The mother, a 35 year old woman is now in hospital undergoing psychiatric evaluations. The woman’s husband was taken into custody; he claims he knows nothing about the babies. The couple already has two children together, a 13 and 15 year...

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