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4 Great Ways to Update Your Garage Doors

What’s one of the most noticeable features when you view your home from outside? Why, the garage doors, of course. If they are in need of a facelift, they’ll make your whole house exterior look drab. Here’s a list of four great ways — from small to large — you can update your garage doors. 1. Paint Them Have you got garage doors that are in great shape … but a little dull and faded? No need to replace. Just give them a new lease on life with stain or paint. For your garage door makeover, choose a dry, sunny...

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Flooded Edinburg Community Seeks Help

Residents seem to not get a break from flooding after yesterday’s showers dumped several inches of rain in portions of the Valley, with one Edinburg community in desperate need of help.   The situation for these families is so serious, that they have to drive to the nearest convenience store to get to a restroom; this after flooding has affected the drainage in their homes. Tioso Guerrero says he is concerned about the flooding in his home, mostly because of the bacteria growing in standing water is a risk for his grandchildren’s health.   According to Guerrero, the flooding...

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Electricity Restored across RGV Four Days after Storm

Four days after severe storms knocked out electricity for 28,000 valley residents AEP says all power has been restored. Crews worked extended shifts to repair power lines and transformers damaged by heavy rain and wind gusts of up 60 miles an hour. This morning AEP listed more than 200 homes remained in the dark but by 2 pm, all four counties were reported back to normal. With heavy rain still in the forecast, it’s wise to keep AEP’s phone number in handy to report future outages. That number is 1 (866)...

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New Drainage Project to Relieve Flooding and Prepare for Droughts

Eastern Hidalgo County leaders are just a few weeks away from breaking ground for a new drainage project that would help relieve floods and prepare for future droughts. Hermelinda Villarreal says she fears every time there is a chance of rain the forecast. Floods are a recurring problem in many colonias across the valley, mainly due to poor drainage or lack there-of. That is why Hermelinda and her family resort to temporary solutions. But residents from La Villita and neighboring colonias, might soon see improvements–meaning, better drainage. The east lateral project in precinct one, set to begin its first phase of construction north of Highway 107, would not only help avoid stagnating water, but also road deterioration and mosquitoes. This says Sesin, to provide a secondary source of drinking water for other cities and help fund future projects, and push for the development colonia residents desperately...

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How Often Should You Paint the Outside of Your House?

Nothing gives the outside of your home a fast and impressive facelift like a fresh coat of paint — although it’s been said many times before, this axiom is worth repeating. Whether you are planning to sell and want to add a touch of quick curb appeal or you just enjoy living in a well-kept home, spring is the ideal time to upgrade by painting your house’s exterior. How often will this task need to be done? It depends on a number of factors, primarily your home’s exterior finish, your location, and the quality of your last paint job. How...

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