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EXCLUSIVE: FOX Rides-Along With SPI Police During Spring Break

SPI (KFXV) — Spring break is off and running on South Padre Island, with thousands invading the island from across the nation. With the surge comes state, local and federal law enforcement agencies coming together to keep a close eye, day and night. In a story you’ll only see on FOX, we join police – as the week long celebration begins. While many spring breakers continue arriving to South Padre Island, the first weekend kicked off with 110 arrests– most of these for public intoxication. Fox Cameras were rolling as this man was found lying on the side of...

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New Intelligence Center to Be Built in RGV

McAllen (KFXV) –2.4 million dollars is approved for a new intelligence center. The Texas Department of Public Safety officially approved the funds to be invested in the Texas Transnational Intelligence Center. In the new center, local, state and federal agencies will work together in this new center to collect and disseminate information on border crimes.There will also be an anti-gang unit. According to authorities, this will bring efficiency, effectiveness and less crime to the area.The new intelligence center is expected to be completed by the end of next...

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Nearly 40 Undocumented Immigrants Found in Mission Stashhouse

Mission (KFXV) —  A Fox 2 Exclusive:  Dozens of immigrants are rescued from a stash house. 38 immigrants were found inside said stash house in the middle of a neighborhood with a school nearby. One by one authorities transported dozens of immigrants from this house into border patrol vans. Personal bag, cans and bottles of water is all that was left behind after authorities raided this home on Megan Drive. Investigators say they began looking at specific locations including this one when they noticed suspicious activity. Local and federal agencies also confiscated a light green for Explorer hoping to...

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Undercover Agents Bust Criminal Cell Operating Drug Stash House

Undercover agents dismantle a criminal cell operating a drug stash house in Brownsville. Homeland Security Investigators raided a home near the Frankfurt and Morrison intersection used as a drug distribution center Wednesday. Suspects Eric Edward Hernandez, Oscar Ivan Salgado and Edgar Medina Reyes were arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana. The case stems from “Operation White Sand” where federal agencies target transnational criminal...

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Palmview House Fire Leads to Narcotics Bust

Federal agencies are conducting an investigation after a house fire leads to the discovery of several bundles of narcotics. The fire broke out shortly after 1 am this morning near Mile 2 and Goodwin Street in Palmview. Upon arrival fire officials heard several gunshots and it was not long before the local police department got involved. The morning took an even more unexpected turn when authorities found a suspect inside the property. The male was apparently attempting to flee the scene in a pickup truck and was heavily intoxicated. The seven bundles narcotics caused federal agencies such as the...

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