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EXCLUSIVE: FBI Executes Valley-Wide Raids

RGV (KFXV) —  The FBI confirmed several raids early this morning in different locations across the region. Several people including children, remained outside the home for approximately two hours as the scene remained active on Coil Drive in San Juan.  Undercover agents went in just before six am at several valley locations– coördinated and led by the Federal Bureau of Investigations with help from the DEA and other local police departments and even a canine unit. Our cameras were rolling as one vehicle was seized from the location. Fox News, investigated who the owners of this home is and through official...

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Gas Station Pump Scammers Stopped through ‘Skimmer’ Sting

Mission police help dismantle a criminal cell dedicated at stealing credit card information with ‘skimmers’ installed at gas stations. The men were arrested during a raid last night after one victim noticed unauthorized transactions on her bank statement and reported the crime. 42-year-old Guadalupe Gutierrez was taken in front of a municipal court judge who charged him with engaging in organized crime and credit card abuse. Investigators say Gutierrez was caught on surveillance video using cloned credit cards produced by an accomplice who placed skimmers in gas pumps. “This is the first time we’ve seen it done in the...

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15 Arrested in Starr County Tax Office Raid

We begin tonight in Rio Grande City, where the Starr County District Attorney’s office raided the county’s tax collector’s office arresting 15 people including tax assessor Maria del Carmen Pena and six government employees. The arrests are part of two separate 3-year-long investigations by the DA’s office along with seven other agencies including the Texas Rangers and the FBI. Authorities were looking into the theft of over $700,000, acts of bribery and the fraudulent issuance of vehicle registration stickers. “The Starr County auditor noted in 2012 a growing concern about an imbalance of funds at the tax collector’s office....

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FBI Raids Home of Subway Spokesperson

Subway’s front man, Jared Fogle is used to being in the spotlight–but now he’s garnering fame for a whole new reason. He’s the subject of a child pornography investigation. FBI agents and Indiana state police raided Fogle’s home today removing electronics from the residence. The raid comes months after the former-executive director of Fogle’s “Jared foundation” was arrested on child pornography charges. Fogle became famous 15 years ago when he lost more than 200 pounds by exercising and eating subway sandwiches. The sandwich chain says it’s monitoring the...

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Special Report: Voice Or Silence: Part One

It’s Sunday, January 11th, the cars on the streets of Paris are replaced by over a million of its French citizens, upset about the recent terrorist attacks against the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, known for its controversial depictions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which have turned them into a target for violent extremists. The shootings that left 12 people dead revived anti-Muslim and anti-west sentiments across the globe. Opening the door to discussions about freedom of expression nearly everywhere, even in Texas.  Especially among local satirists and Muslims. “As you see, the power of the pen continues. Other people will take over, it didn’t really accomplish anything,” explains Ramon Ramirez, cartoonist. Ramon Ramirez is the creative mind behind smarty cartoons in Edinburg. 28 years ago he discovered how influential his drawings can be. “My mission was to be the eyes and ears of the valley and I think I fulfilled it pretty good because people were reacting to it,” adds Ramirez. However, his poking at society goes without consequence.  Threats against his right of expression and of the press. “Has my work been threatened? Yes I would get emails left and right, but at the same time I would get positive emails too. But I guess one of the ways I would deal with it is.  One time somebody asked me not draw a politician so big, with such...

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