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98-Year-Old Pilot Crash Lands into Tree

FOX 2 News spoke with the pilot of the plane to find out what happened inside the cockpit. As Hannah Mackenzie reports, the veteran pilot has many years of experience under his belt. Richard Smith has been flying planes for 70 years… The 98-year-old is no stranger to rough landings, but today was a little different. “I was in Edinburg, playing around, practicing landings, having fun,” says Richard Smith. “I was headed home and my engine quit on the way home.” Richard says he tried to restart the engine mid flight, but couldn’t. “So I went to land in...

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Plane’s Wing Hits Runway while Landing at McAllen-Miller International Airport

McAllen(KFXV) — It was a scary moment for passengers aboard a commercial flight landing at McAllen-Miller International Airport. An eye-witness captured the moments the plane’s wing hit the runway. I spoke to Juan de la Garza who tells me he saw everything, he even snapped a couple of pictures. The incident occurring when the right wing on this passenger airplane hit the runway; unexpectedly causing it to bend and as you can see smoke was coming from the wing. The plane was able to land safely at McAllen-Miller International Airport. Fox 2 news cameras were able to get images...

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Dept. of Homeland Security Issues Terrorist Drone Warning

Drones making international headlines again, this time, the department of Homeland Security issuing a warning that terrorists could use them to bring down planes. In the past few days, three drones were spotted close to flights trying to land at New York’s JFK Airport. Officials didn’t say there was a specific threat, but warned drones can pose dangers to planes. Experts say a drone can fly into a plane’s engine destroying it, or hit the cockpit window injuring or killing a pilot. Currently, the FAA prohibits recreational drones from being flown within five miles of an...

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FAA Proposes Drone Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed new regulations on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones. Currently, almost all commercial drone use is banned in the US, but new regulations proposed by the FAA would relax restrictions. Drones weighing up to 55 pounds would be allowed, but operators would have to keep the devices within sight and avoid hazards like people and airports. They also must stay below 500 feet and fly slower than 100 miles-an-hour. To pilot the remote-controlled aircraft, operators would have to be at least 17 years old, pass an aeronautics test and be vetted by the transportation safety...

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Local Officials Address Drone Security Threats

With the increase in popularity of drones, and the recent security threats the flying machines have caused, Fox 2 News spoke to local individuals to find out their thoughts on the issue. After a drone accidentally crashed into the White House lawn this Monday, local authorities in the Valley have various reactions to the incident. Small drones are available today for as little as a few hundred dollars but the FAA could be alarmed by the increasing encounters between small drones, which is why they are taking a closer look into the safety of these devices. Drones are not allowed to fly above 400 hundred feet due to the risk that they could potentially interfere with airplane flight patterns. If you fly a drone in these areas you could face a fine. Despite the popularity of these machines, some business owners even believe it is not worth selling the drones. Recently drug smugglers on the Mexican border attempted to smuggle cocaine into San Diego using a drone, but were unsuccessful as the machine crashed in a Tijuana grocery store parking lot. Drone industry officials have launched a safety campaign. For more information you can visit the website,...

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