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ARISE Warns of Toxic Fish at Donna Lake

The community-based organization, known as ARISE, says the fish at Donna Lake is contaminated with PVC; a toxic chemical that if consumed could cause serious health complications. ARISE says many residents are not properly warned and continue fishing in Donna Lake. Donna’s Irrigation District says the water has been polluted for some time because of transformers in the lake. U.S. Parks and wildlife allow people to practice the sport but are not allowed to take the fish. ARISE says they are awaiting a final pollution report by the EPA on the toxicity levels in Donna Lake.   According to...

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16 states ask Obama admin to put power plant rules on hold

WASHINGTON (AP) — The campaign to stop President Barack Obama’s sweeping emissions limits on power plants began taking shape Wednesday, as 16 states asked the government to put the rules on hold while a Senate panel moved to block them. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who is leading the charge against the rules, banded together with 15 other state attorneys general in a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy requesting that the agency temporarily suspend the rules while they challenge their legality in court. The letter called for the EPA to respond by Friday. The EPA and...

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10 Tips to Go Green in the Laundry Room

Provided by:¬†networx.com You don’t have to be a dirty hippy to go green! The EPA estimates¬†that if Americans went green in the laundry room, they’d save three trillion gallons of water annually, along with over $18 billion per year. The laundry room is a place where we seem to spend a lot of time — the agency’s statistics show that the average household runs more than 400 loads annually, which is over one a day! A few simple practices in the laundry department can help you save energy, resources, and, our favorite thing, cash. So let’s talk about how...

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