Take Your First Steps Toward a Greener Home

Provided by: networx.com A greener home is one that conserves energy, uses less water and other natural resources, and minimizes environmental toxins. It sounds Utopian in theory but what about in actual practice? How does the average Joe or Jane go about making his or her home more ecologically friendly? Here’s a handy list of easy, affordable steps that anyone can take. ENERGY Energy Audit. An energy audit is an excellent place to start. This test, performed by a professional technician, examines your home and your habits to measure how much energy you use. The energy auditor will pinpoint practical ways to make...

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Save Energy: Wrap Your Plumbing

Provided by: networx.com Insulation is cheap and it generates big savings! Feeling the cold this winter? So is your plumbing, and it, along with your water heater, has to work harder to compensate. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you give it a helping hand with some insulation, so if you haven’t insulated your plumbing yet, get to it: wrapping your plumbing and hot water heater isn’t expensive, doesn’t take long, and will save you big money on energy costs this winter. Here’s what you need to know. For hot water pipes, if warm water flows...

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