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Germany expands diesel probe to include VW board chairman

BERLIN (AP) — German prosecutors have widened their investigation into Volkswagen’s handling of the emissions scandal to include its board chairman, Hans Dieter Poetsch, the company said Sunday. Poetsch was VW’s chief financial officer when the company’s efforts to rig cars to cheat on U.S. diesel emissions tests became public in September 2015. Volkswagen said in a statement that prosecutors in the German city of Braunschweig are investigating three members of the board including Poetsch. Prosecutors were already investigating former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and VW brand chief Herbert Diess over allegations they didn’t inform investors soon enough. VW...

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Part II: South Texas Gold Mine

The gold rush of the past century has been in discovering reserves of fossil fuels. The natural gas boom is promising for energy generation, jobs and wealth for the next 50 years. But according to Erik Anderson, an environmental ethics professor, that’s a road to ruins. “If you look at global civilization, we’re looking at keeping the carbon count in the world below 350 as of today, we’re at 402 parts per million. That’s the highest it’s been in about a million years. So, if we continue to extract this energy, in 30 years we will extract as much as we have in the last 150 years,” explains Erik Anderson, environmental ethics professor. Anderson believes that society has, in the last decade or so, become more aware of the benefits of green energy… the environmental protection agency says natural gas is a promising and viable combustible due to its low cost and fewer CO2 emissions than coal, but at the same time, the agency warns about the extraction side of this gas, which can release or leak other pollutants. “Methane is 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. If we do not have good infrastructure, if the infrastructure is not regulated, it becomes dated, as we’re seeing in some of the infrastructure that we have now, that’s bad news. At that point natural gas becomes a dirtier alternative to...

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