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McAllen Spa Owner Sentenced to Prison

A McAllen spa owner charged with injecting liquid silicone into paying clients is sentenced to prison today. Thirty-eight year old Elva Navarro has been sentenced to three years in federal prison and one year of supervised probation upon release. On June 9th of this year, Navarro plead guilty to administering injections of agents unapproved by the food and drug administration at her spa, ‘Bella Face and Body’. According to records, Navarro injected the liquid silicone substance into at least 30 different women, one of whom became sick and had to be hospitalized as a result of the injections, and...

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Woman Accused of Injecting Clients with Fake Botox Returns to Federal Court

A hearing for Elva Navarro took place this morning in Judge Michaela Alvarez’s courtroom where defense attorneys and prosecutors met to resolve pending issues with the case. Including the review of 33 written testimonials from alleged victims, after it is believed a 28-year-old woman died from complications after being injected with liquid silicone. This is the third time Navarro’s sentencing has been delayed. Her next hearing is scheduled for November...

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SPA Owner Pleads Guilty

Elva Navarro and her attorney, Terry Canales stroke a deal with the government at the last moment. An agreement that involved pleading guilty to one of the 2 charges she faced, for which a trial was no longer necessary. Elva Navarro, the woman accused of injecting liquid silicone in at least 6 of her clients at her spa in McAllen will be sentenced sooner than expected. The trial scheduled for 1 this afternoon at judge Micaela Alvarez’s court never took place. After Navarro plead guilty to receiving an adulterated artifact, namely liquid silicone, to be used as Botox, a...

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Spa Owner Pleaded “Not Guilty”

Elva Navarro pleaded ‘not guilty’ in court this afternoon. Following her arrest last week, Elva Navarro showed up in federal court once again for a detention and bond hearing. She’s accused of violation of FDA rules after allegedly injecting her clients with liquid silicone at ‘Bella Face and Body Spa’. The 37-year-old was composed during the hearing with little to say except for pleading not guilty. Prosecutors attempted to convince Judge Dorina Ramos of denying bond because of the alleged threat Navarro poses to our community, arguing that one of the victims by the name of Xenia Cisneros-Reyes died...

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