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Hidalgo County Unveils New Voting Machines

Edinburg (KFXV) — The elections department unveiled their new voting machines. Almost 1,300 state of the art technology voting machines were purchased for the upcoming November elections. The machines are touch screen, and will be available for all precincts without the voters having to change their locations. The machines also have upgraded technology to assist those with special...

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Local Concern Over Trump’s Promise to Eliminate DACA

RGV (KFXV) — Campaign promises by President Elect Donald Trump have left many on edge, including young immigrants that say they are uncertain about the nation’s future and fear deportation. Donald Trump has been very vocal about his stance on immigration and even promised to eliminate DACA soon after taking office bringing uncertainty to those who benefit from it. These are the feelings Maria Ibarra expressed today after learning about Donald Trump’s victory. After all, Maria is a DACA recipient – an initiative that has given temporary protection from deportation and a two-year renewable work permit to hundreds of...

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Al-Queda Election Threats in Texas

Texas (KFXV) –With only four days left until election day, the FBI says it’s investigating possible Al-Queda threats to three states. It is believed New York, Virginia and Texas are possible targets. This after federal authorities intercepted conversations among Al-Qaeda supporters overseas about the attacks on November 7th. U.S. officials stressed that the threat is not specific and therefore could just be “idle” chatter but, are taking it seriously. Governor Greg Abbott today issued this statement saying his office is working with law enforcement officials and continuing to monitor the situation in close coordination with DPS and Texans should...

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Historic Early Voting Turnout

RGV (KFXV) — Tonight early voting ends with historic voter turnout in counties across the Rio Grande Valley including Cameron and Hidalgo but, don’t forget you are still on time to make your voice heard during this 2016 election. Thousands of voters went out to the polls on this last day of early voting. In just a 12 hour period more than 15,000 votes registered in Hidalgo County and over 7,000 in Cameron County. Cynthia Garza is one of them–taking advantage of the open polls something that will change for general elections. Voting officials recommend you arrive on November...

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It’s National Voter Registration Day!

Today is National Voter Registration Day! Are you registered to vote? The deadline to register is October 11th and there are only 41 days left until one of the biggest presidential elections in American history. There are several resources to remember when it comes to the process of voting one of them being your local elections office. This right here is a website you can access from any place called YourAmerica.com on this website you can access several options from registering to vote to verifying if in fact you are set for the big day and also how you...

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