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GOP leaders unveil key details in new tax plan

Cropped Photo: Arturo Pardavila III / CC BY 2.0 License Link 02 NOV 17 16:22 ET By Lauren Fox, Deirdre Walsh and Ashley Killough, CNN (CNN) — House Republicans revealed their new tax bill Thursday, but it’s already encountering some reservations from rank-and-file members. House Speaker Paul Ryan described the proposal, which lowers the number of tax brackets from seven to four and increases the standard deduction, as a series of tax cuts and breaks aimed at helping most Americans. “It’s very clear and obvious that the whole purpose of this is a middle-class tax cut,” Ryan said in an...

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Local Leaders Discuss Valley’s Economy

WESLACO (KFXV) — In Weslaco, congressmen and local business leaders met to discuss the Valley’s economy. Texas Representatives Filemon Vela and Vicente Gonzalez hosted the second border caucus hearing in the “Border Business is America’s Business” series at the lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council in Weslaco this morning. Local and national stakeholders and entrepreneurs discussed the value of commerce along the border and how it promotes economic growth in the United...

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Donna Officials Adopt New Property Taxes

Donna (KFXV) — Donna residents will be seeing a change in their property taxes. City officials are adopting a measure that will help its residents save some money. The city of Donna is adopting an 88 cents per 100 dollars of taxable assessed valuation compared to 98 cents last year. City leaders said the economic growth has allowed them to approve this measure. He adds that residents deserve a tax relief – many seem to agree. They add the city seems to be moving in the right direction and welcomes any changes that will benefit all. City leaders said...

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Study: Sanders’ economic plan piles $18T on federal debt

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders’ tax and spending proposals would provide new levels of health and education benefits for American families, but they’d also blow an $18-trillion hole in federal deficits, piling on so much debt they would damage the economy. That sobering assessment comes from a joint analysis released Monday by the nonpartisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute Health Policy Center, well-known Washington think tanks. Democratic presidential candidate Sanders would raise taxes by more than $15 trillion over 10 years, with most of that paid by upper-income earners. But that wouldn’t be enough to...

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McAllen Ranks #2 in U.S. Job Growth for 2014

The city of McAllen is moving on top, inching close to the top spot for those looking for a paycheck. According to the Mcallen Economic Development Council, the city ranks second in the country for job growth for 2014. Officials say job growth is the foundation to a lucrative city. The MEDC adds that a major contributor are maquiladoras— factories that are in the Mexico border town of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. The non-profit has helped 650 companies on the McAllen-side, create over 160,000...

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