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Elon Musk elaborates on SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has given more details about his plan to colonize Mars. Musk answered questions on Reddit on Sunday. The session was a follow up to Musk’s comments at a space conference in Mexico last month during which he unveiled his plan to send up to 1 million people to Mars within the next 40 to 100 years. Musk envisions 1,000 passenger ships flying en masse to the red planet “Battlestar Galactica” style. He elaborated on that plan Sunday, saying an unmanned ship will be sent to Mars with equipment to build a plant to create refueling...

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Green Glossary of Home Heating and Cooling

In the typical American home, heating and cooling account for close to 50 percent of all energy use. This means that regulating your household temperature can cost you a bundle in terms of fuel bills, and add appreciably to your carbon footprint. However, it’s possible to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system by as much as a surprising 20 percent, using green techniques. Here’s a glossary of home heating and cooling terms to help you understand how to go more eco-friendly. Air Sealing: Treatment of a building to prevent leakage of interior or exterior air. Attic Fan: Thermostat-controlled,...

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Hygienic Ways to Store Your Recycling come in handy

Residential recycling is an important concept in the campaign to clean up our earth. Mandatory in a large number of urban locales, It allows each household to play an active part in reducing landfills and preserving a variety of materials for reuse. However, like so many good ideas, recycling only works if you work it. To make this task as simple as possible and get all your family members on board, choose a convenient, sanitary temporary storage system for recyclables in your home. What’s the Law? Familiarize yourself with your local ordinances concerning recycling, as there are many differences...

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