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Woman Driving Drunk Caught With No Pants

Talk about being caught with your pants down, literally. Police pulled over a woman in Michigan, suspected of driving under the influence. When the officer arrived, the driver, Samantha Alfaro was naked from the waist down. The female cop eventually convinced Alfaro to put more clothes on. Alfaro did get dressed and was arrested for D-U-I. In an odd irony, the friend who Alfaro called for a ride home was also busted for D-U-I just yards away from the police station. And you guessed it, this driver– no...

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Wong Faces Multiple Charges

In Mission, a man suspected of leading police on a chase faced a judge today. The man identified as Jorge Wong, a 39 year old resident from Palmview faces two charges one for driving while intoxicated and the other for evading arrest. Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez says Wong has had prior run-ins with the law. Fox 2 has learned Wong has prior DUI charges. He was handed $400,000 bond for the two charges against...

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Three-Year-Old Boy Killed in Crash, Father Arrested for DUI

A 3-year-old boy is dead after a rollover accident in Palmview, with the father in police custody. Authorities were called to the scene at Mile 4 and Western Road yesterday evening. Police say the child identified as Jerald Lugo Jr. was not in a safety child seat and was thrown out the vehicle at the moment of impact. The father, Gerald Lugo, was arrested for driving under the influence. He’s expected to face charges later this week. Harlingen autoped One woman is dead after she’s struck by two vehicles while attempting to cross a Harlingen highway. The incident happened...

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Dallas DUI Arrest Leads to Brain Tumor Discovery

A Dallas woman is hospitalized for a brain tumor, which was discovered by accident. Julie Cunningham was arrested on suspicion of DUI after losing control of her car and crashing into a fire hydrant a few weeks ago. She was briefly jailed, but released after a breathalyzer indicated she had no alcohol in her system. Having no memory of the accident or being in jail, her brother decided to take her to hospital. It turns out Cunningham had a non-cancerous, lemon-sized tumor in her brain, and needed emergency surgery. The mother of four is now recovering. Police say no...

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Former Governor Perry Speaking out Regarding Legal Troubles

Former Texas governor Rick Perry is formally responding to a judge’s ruling to deny a second request to dismiss the case against him for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public official. Perry said today that proceeding with the case sets a quote “dangerous precedent.” Adding that he will continue to fight and come out on top. The former governor standing firm that if he had to do it again, he would make the same choice. The indictments stemming from demands that Travis County District Attorney – Rosemary Lehmberg – resign after her DUI arrest, or face...

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