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Resistance to malaria drugs has spread in SE Asia

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. experts are raising the alarm over the spread of drug-resistant malaria in several Southeast Asian countries, endangering major global gains in fighting the mosquito-borne disease that kills more than 600,000 people annually. While the communicable disease wreaks its heaviest toll in Africa, it’s in nations along the Mekong River where the most serious threat to treating it has emerged. The availability of therapies using the drug artemisinin has helped cut global malaria deaths by a quarter in the past decade. But resistance to the drug emerged on the Thai-Cambodia border in 2003, and has since been...

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8 Arrested For $7.3M In Drugs On Music Tour Bus

We now see the suspects allegedly behind a drug bust that rivals some of the biggest in the Valley found in an unlikely spot, a musical group’s tour bus. Eight suspects were placed under arrest, all are from the Rio Grande Valley and were issued a $1M bond each. The men were found aboard the tejano musical group “Zinzzero” tour bus on Sunday. According to Department of Public Safety, over $7.3M worth of cocaine was found at the Falfurrias checkpoint on...

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