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Brownsville Traffic Stop Ends in Cocaine Bust

BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — In Brownsville, a traffic stop ends in a drug bust. Police stopped a Ford truck for a traffic violation. After ignoring officials, 41-year-old, Felipe Botello, finally stopped but showed signs of being a bit nervous. After finding two bags with cocaine, officials asked for consent to search his house on in Hugo Street. There they discovered 159.1 grams of the same drug,and a 9 millimeter pistol. Botello who has a criminal record, remains behind...

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Man Arrested During Drug Sting

Harlingen (KFXV) — A man is under arrest after a drug sting in the heart of the city. Police and other law enforcement agencies raided a home on the 400 block of “K” street. Authorities say possible drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and a controlled substance comparative to Xanax were found inside the house. The man whose identity has not yet been revealed is awaiting formal...

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Citizen Captures Possible Drug Bust With Phone

Brownsville (KFXV) — Fox 2 citizen reporters capture a possible drug bust and chase with their cell phone. It happened near the intersection of Dockberry and South Dakota Streets. According to witnesses drugs were transferred into a dark suv. Authorities say they are investigating but haven’t released any details on the amount of drugs or if there have been arrests...

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Former Mission Officer Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ in Federal Courtroom

The former Mission police officer facing drug trafficking charges was arraigned today at the McAllen federal court. These are exclusive images of Hector “Jojo” Mendez, who pled ‘not guilty’ to having ripped off 32 lbs. of cocaine from a fake drug bust in July of 2012. Also pleading ‘not guilty’ to drug trafficking charges is his presumed accomplice: Reynol Chapa-Garcia who was arraigned at the same time as Mendez. Both now prepare for trial, which has not yet been scheduled. Mendez is out on a $50,000 bond while Chapa-Garcia remains in the custody of the...

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Grand Jury Indicts Former Mission Officer

A Grand Jury returns an indictment after finding sufficient cause to take a former mission police officer to trial. The jury announced the decision this morning in McAllen Federal Court, moving the case forward against Hector “Jojo” Mendez and his alleged accomplice Reynol Chapa-Garcia. Mendez is mentioned in the indictment to have taken a load of cocaine from Chapa-Garcia’s home, diluting it, and keeping a portion of it before reporting it in a fake drug bust in July of 2012. Both suspects are scheduled for a re-arraignment next...

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