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3 Sentenced in Donna ISD Contract Bribery Case

McAllen (KFXV) — Two former Donna ISD board members and another man are sentenced after being convicted of extortion. Eloy Infante, Elpidio Yañez and Adrian Guerrero were sentenced to 46, 37 and 18 months respectively. The defendants pleaded guilty in January 2016. Eloy Infante and Elpidio Yanez admitted that from February to May 2015 they solicited and accepted $10,000 from a company who provided services to the school district. The three defendants are expected to be turned over to U.S. Marshals on July...

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Donna ISD To Pay $194,000 To Former Superintendent

Donna ISD has reached a settlement agreement with *now* former Superintendent Jesus Rene Reyna. In which, both the district and Reyna signed a release in which they negotiated Reyna’s resignation in return for paying him the full amount still remaining in his contract –an estimated $194,000 dollars including benefits. Donna ISD lawyer, Roberto Salinas confirmed to Fox 2 News, the case is now closed and the district will now concentrate on the education of their...

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Donna ISD School Board Approves ‘Due Process’ Policy to Protect Employees from Unfair Practices

The Donna ISD school board unanimously approves a resolution aimed at protecting employees from unfair practices. The Teachers Association in Donna says it worked on the proposal for over three years to help pass a ‘due process’ policy to protect ‘at-will’ employees from being demoted, replaced or fired without a just cause. Board president Albert Sandoval says these efforts are not the result of a political retaliation lawsuit that the board and the district lost in April. “We’re hoping it can prevent future lawsuits. It could’ve been resolved at an earlier point. We as a board felt we were...

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Donna ISD School Board Accepts $880,000 Lawsuit Settlement

A special meeting took place tonight in Donna, continuing the legal battle between the school district and several employees. Just a few hours ago, the Donna ISD school board voted to accept the proposed settlement–agreed upon by both parties last Saturday. It’s a lawsuit that began in February of 2015, and it’s finally nearing an end. Tonight, six out of seven Donna ISD board members, along with the superintendent, met in closed session to discuss a newly proposed settlement… one that was ordered by federal judge randy crane, who claims the initial jury-awarded settlement of $3 million, was too...

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Tentative Settlement Reached in Donna ISD Federal Court Case

A tentative settlement is reached nearly four weeks after a jury decided in favor of a group of Donna ISD employees suing the school district and members of the board. The plaintiffs had won over $3 million in damages; however that could change now. Five out of seven Donna ISD school board members met this evening to discuss pending items in their agenda. It’s the first meeting held since both parties in the recent discrimination lawsuit agreed to a tentative settlement Saturday, after being ordered into mediation by Federal Judge, Randy Crane. Although the terms won’t be made public...

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