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38-Pound ‘Wiener Dog’ in Texas on Weight Loss Program

Vincent the wiener dog lives in Houston, Texas, and when it comes to this furry friend, there’s a little more to love. Thirty-eight pounds more to be exact! That’s double the size of what he should be. Melissa Anderson is trying to change that. She’s been fostering Vincent since he was dropped off at the pound after his owner died. Melissa and her friend Lauren have put Vincent on a strict diet, and have been helping him to exercise–walking, running even swimming… And it’s working! So far, he’s lost two pounds. ‘Wiener Dog’ in...

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2016 Presidential Candidates hit the gym, try to skip pie on campaign trail

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Scott Walker is counting steps on his FitBit. Jeb Bush swears by the Paleo diet. Bobby Jindal is a "gym rat." With long travel days and a fresh slab of cherry pie never far away, the campaign trail is notoriously unhealthy. But many 2016 presidential candidates are striving to make smart lifestyle choices as they tour the small town diners and pizza places of the early voting states. "I try to do at least 10,000 steps a day," said Walker, the Wisconsin governor. He said he got the step-counting wristband for Christmas and competes...

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Sugar is a Leading Contributor To Obesity

It’s one of the leading contributors to obesity and diabetes in the United States… we’re talking of course about sugar; with a growing epidemic affecting nearly 70 percent of the entire population. The world health organization recommends up to 25 grams of sugar a day or six table spoons. Experts say the problem with food nowadays is that they are loaded with sugar. Take soda for example, one can may contain 39 grams of sugar. That’s 56 percent more than the daily recommendation. The excess consumption has been linked to diseases such as diabetes. “The world’s population has duplicated...

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