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Convicted Killer Sentenced to 30 Years behind Bars

January 31, 2014– A shooting takes place in front of “Gamehaus Gastropub in McAllen” leaving Daniel Avila dead and another man injured. Investigators were able to identify 31 year old Manuel Sanchez as the trigger man. Last Friday, a jury found Sanchez guilty of several counts. Court documents state Sanchez was among a group kicked out of the bar in McAllen for fighting. Moments later – investigators say Sanchez returned to the bar and fired several rounds in the parking lot, hitting and killing the 24 year. While on the stand, Daniel’s mother tries to hold back her tears...

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Update on Continuing Gamehaus murder trial; forensic evidence presented

Reporting from the district court in Hidalgo County where the murder trial against Manuel Sanchez Jr continues… Reports indicate back in January of 2014 Sanchez had an altercation at a bar and was subsequently kicked out. According to the report, a few minutes later, Sanchez opened fire at a crowd in the parking lot injuring two men. One of those two men was Daniel Avila, who died due to his injuries, but his friend who was also shot was able to recover. Today the state called on a forensic scientist who showed members of the jury evidence explaining how the incident may have occurred. Sanchez...

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Trial Begins For Gamehaus Shooting

In Edinburg the trial against Manuel Jimenez Sanchez Jr., accused of gunning down Daniel Avila is underway. Inside the courtroom opening statements were delivered by the defense and prosecution as well as several witnesses taking the stand to give their testimony. The shooting happened on January of 2014 after Sanchez Jr. The suspect in this case and his friends were kicked out of the Gamehaus bar in McAllen following an altercation. According to police – Sanchez allegedly shot and hit two people in the parking lot – 24 year old Daniel Avila died on the scene and Rene Garcia...

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Trial for Fatal McAllen Bar Shooting Postponed

The hearing was postponed today, for one of the five suspects involved in a McAllen bar shooting last January. Manuel Jimenez Sanchez was involved in the fatal shooting happening January 31st, 2014 at the Gamehaus Gastropub, in which 24 year old Daniel Avila lost his life. Fox 2 reached out to Sanchez’s attorney, although he declined to speak on camera, he says the hearing was postponed until February 10th. Fox 2 will be monitoring the...

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Prime Suspect in McAllen Bar Murder to Begin Trial this Week

The prime suspect in the murder of a man at a McAllen bar last year is heading to trial this week. Manuel Jimenez Sanchez is the only one of 5 people charged in the shooting at the Gamehaus Gastro Pub that is taking his case to trial, changing his attorney to help defend him. Almost a year to date since the shooting at a local bar in McAllen and the presumed shooter, Manuel Jimenez Sanchez has gone forward to go to trial on the 29th of January. Jimenez Sanchez is scheduled to appear before 93rd District Court Rudy Delgado...

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