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Woman Caught Smuggling Minor Across Pharr International Bridge

WESLACO (KFXV) — US Customs and Border Protection thwarted a 20-year-old woman from Weslaco from attempting to smuggle an 11-year-old from Mexico across the Pharr International Bridge. During a routine inspection, the woman presented agents a U.S. Birth certificate, claiming the minor was her brother. During a secondary inspection, officers discovered the birth certificate did not belong to the minor. The woman was arrested for allegedly violating U.S. Immigration...

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Congressman Announces Additional $78 Million For South Texas CBP

U.S. congressman Henry Cuellar announced additional funds for our border. Cuellar announced that the appropriations committee has approved almost $78 million dollars in additional funds for customs and border protection and immigration and customs enforcement to address the issue of border overcrowding and the influx children migrants crossing the southern border. The committee adopted a manager’s amendment by voice vote that would add $68 million dollars to its previous funding level for CBP salaries and expenses, $3.6 million dollars for CBP construction and facilities management, and $5.7 million dollars for ice salaries and expenses. As he addressed the committee, Cuellar said – quote: “We need to provide these agencies with the resources they need not only to secure our borders and keep our communities safe, but to provide for the safety and proper care of these undocumented immigrants, especially the...

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Over $2M In Marijuana Found Within Lettuce Shipment

PROGRESO – Customs and border protection announcing over 2-million dollars worth of marijuana found within a single shipment of lettuce. CBP agents working at the international bridge reportedly stopped the produce trailer yesterday. Finding over 2-thousand packages of the alleged narcotic hidden within 875 crates of lettuce. The drugs, trailer and driver are in federal...

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Nearly $2M In Cocaine Found Inside Vehicle

Customs and Border Protection working at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge stopped a Nissan being driven by a Mexican national from Reynosa, Tamaulipas on Monday. Agents say inside was nearly $2 million dollars-worth of cocaine, 25 packages found throughout the sedan. The driver, vehicle and narcotics are in federal...

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New Images of Frigid Port Isabel Water Rescue

The search continues for undocumented immigrants that went missing in the frigid Cameron County waters– a gamble that has already cost two lives This, as authorities release news images capturing the daring rescue. Customs and Border Protection released images of Tuesday’s rescue. A man– identified as Marcario Parra Lara from the state of Veracruz, Mexico– is recovering from hypothermia. He was among a human smuggling group trying to swim across the Brownsville Ship Channel. Two others didn’t make it. The bodies of 16-year-old Rolando Temix Hernandez and 49-year-old Angel Martinez Gonzalez were found in water, estimated to be around...

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