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Popsicle Stick Projects Are Not Just for Kids

Somehow it’s like asking which is your favorite part of an Oreo — the chocolate cookie layers or the white stuff in the middle. Popsicles have long been a childhood favorite, but whether you like them better for the frozen sugar water part or for the wooden stick depends on your POV. “Who would prefer the stick?” you might ask. Why, crafters and hobbyists, of course. Those flat sturdy sticks are perfect for building all manner of interesting things. But you don’t have to wait for a long hot summer and slowly save them up. Instead, you can purchase...

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IKEA Furniture Hack How To’s

Guess what’s even more fun than going shopping at home furnishing stores like IKEA? Why, hacking the flat pack furniture finds you bring home, of course. Make them over to suit your family’s individual needs and style … and have a lot of crafty fun with them along the way as well. Especially if you score big in the “as-is” section, the cost is so affordable that you can feel free to let your creativity flow. Follow our simple how to’s below to make the most of your IKEA hacks. Plan Your Shopping Trip Start out by inventorying your home. See...

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9 Handy Hints For Hanging Wall Art

  Ahhhh … smash … oops!! Those were the sounds you would have heard if you’d been a witness to my hanging a treasured piece of art. A gift from my sister, the carefully matted and beautifully framed print had been hanging around (pun intended — groan) for weeks since my birthday, waiting for me to put it up on the wall. Now the great day had finally come. I’d assembled a set of dollar-store adhesive hooks and mounted the frame in a prominent spot. It looked fantastic for about fifteen seconds, until it came crashing dramatically to the floor....

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Create a Cool Craft Station for Your Kids

Crafting is a fantastic hobby for kids. It’s educational and fun, engaging both their head and their hands. It becomes even more enjoyable when they have a craft station of their very own, chockful of intriguing materials and complete with a comfortable work surface. You can set one up and stock it with “goodies” without investing a great deal of money or effort. Here’s how. Where to Put the Craft Station Depending on their age and personality type, young children tend to want to be near you (except for those times when they prefer to hide in their room and...

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DIY Concrete Garden Décor

Provided by: networx.com If you’ve been bitten by the garden décor bug, you probably know that it can be a “spendy” hobby. So why not get crafty? Making DIY indoor and outdoor planters, orbs, birdbaths and other ornamental items from inexpensive concrete will let you save money and come up with your own unique creations. Here are some ideas to get you off to a great start. Molded Planter The simplest way to embark on your Cleveland concrete crafting career is by constructing a planter with some kind of a mold – improvised and/or re-purposed is perfect! For small to medium sizes,...

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