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Painting Your Walls: Go Neutral or Not?

“Home for Sale” listings are sort of an addiction of mine … especially the house photos. And not the ones of multi-million dollar mansions, either. Real estate for the rest of us is, in my opinion, much more interesting. Seeing what the average homeowner has done with his or her property can be a real eye opener. Take, for instance, wall treatments. Some folks seem to have taken the brokers’ common suggestion to stick with neutral paint colors as an unbreakable law, but somehow it just doesn’t always work the way they wanted it to. Not all neutrals are created equal;...

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Ceramic Tile for Your Kitchen Floor

Are you renovating your kitchen or building a new home? Chances are you’ve given a great deal of thought to the cabinets and countertops … but what about the flooring? Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for kitchen floors. It looks lovely and lasts for many years with a minimum of maintenance. In addition, it’s priced very reasonably. Here’s more about why we like it.     Good Looks and More There are lots of reasons to love ceramic tile for kitchen floors. It’s durable, stain- and heat-resistant, and hypoallergenic, plus it doesn’t wear out from heavy foot traffic. Best...

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Green Guide to 8 Common Construction Materials

Are you planning to build, remodel, or renovate a house this year … or maybe even just daydreaming about it? If that’s the case, then you will want to read through this listing of eight of today’s commonly used construction materials and the most environmentally friendly ways in which to utilize them. Discuss this guide with your general contractor and ask for his or her specific recommendations in order to make your new home efficient, gorgeous and green. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water. Traditionally used for supports, walls, floors, and exterior structures (driveways, patios, and walkways), this...

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Closed Loop Recycling: What it Means for You

If you’re a regular recycler, determinedly hauling your bottles, cans, and paper to the curb or to dedicated drop-offs, more power to you. You are working hard to keep our planet green. However, this effort addresses just a part of the recycling equation. For the process to work as it’s intended, someone (or, more likely, some corporation) has to be ready to pick up the materials and transform them into usable goods, which, in turn, consumers must choose to buy. This entire multi-step process, encompassing the entire product lifecycle, is referred to as closed loop recycling. Why Recycle? Proponents...

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Tile Grout: Repair or Replace?

Spring is on its way (yes, really!) and that means the time has come to take care of that long, long “to do” list of household repairs that piled up over the winter. In order to get you started off on the right foot, we present one fix that doesn’t demand a great deal of your precious time or money, but can make a huge difference in how your home looks. We’re talking about grout repair or replacement. What Does Grout Do? Grout is a mixture of water and cement, with the possible addition of sand, color, and/or finely ground gravel. This sticky...

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