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Experts Report Domestic Violence Uptick in Hidalgo County

Hidalgo County (KFXV) — This year 4 people have died– victims of domestic violence. Experts say the numbers are on the rise because victims don’t report the abuse to authorities. The non-profit organization, Mujeres Unidas offers legal advice and counseling for all victims and their children. If you need more information on the services Mujeres Unidas offers, you may call 956-664-2826 –or the emergency hotline at...

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Drug Tests Failing to Detect Synthetic Marijuana

Hundreds of juveniles in Hidalgo County are passing synthetic marijuana drug tests. This may be in part because the detection of the drug is difficult, as its composition keeps changing. A growing issue at the juvenile detention center is the negative results coming back from synthetic drug tests, even as users admit to consuming in court. Lab companies are not detecting synthetic drugs because the formula is ever changing. “The dilemma that the test has with the court is that some of the kids are confessing in an open court, “Judge, I’m doing synthetic marijuana, I need your help’....

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Valley AIDS Council Reports 89% Increase in HIV Cases

The Valley Aids Council, an organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of HIV, reports alarming numbers in our community. Representatives say they have seen an 89% increase in new HIV cases as compared to the last five years. The Valley Aids Council says they are identifying a new HIV positive person every 9 days, and these are youth between 13 and 24 years old. Adrian Castellano was diagnosed with aids when he was only 20 years old. Like many young people, Castellano says he lacked proper sexual education and waited too long to get tested. “I just felt...

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Edinburg North High School Students Face Judge Following Terroristic Threats

Four students have been identified in connection to the terrorist threats made at Robert Vela and Edinburg North High Schools last week. Two students from Edinburg North High School went before a judge today. The young man and the young girl seemed nervous and scared in court today. The mother of one of the suspects says her daughter is being unjustly accused. Today in court the judge lamented the situation of these two students. Authorities have found they participated in the terroristic threats made toward Edinburg North High School this week. The mother of the female student says the...

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UTRGV Hosts Forum to Discuss ‘Campus Carry’ Law Taking Effect August

At the forum, students and faculty members actively discussed what Senate Bill-11 means for the university. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott signed SB-11 into law in June, allowing a person to carry concealed handguns into public universities across the state. ‘Campus carry’ taking effect on august first, 2016, raises concerns amongst campus community, prompting school officials to start talking about security measures. “There are two things we want to do: we want to abide by the law by senate bill 11 and we also want to keep our campus safe. Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe is a top...

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